Interesting stories about How Delhi Got its Name

Delhi, the Indian Capital city, has an interesting history. Standing strong to a long succession of multiple empires, Delhi has a very powerful story to tell! Before you plan out your Delhi tour by Bus, let us tell you some interesting stories about how Delhi actually got its name! Some of the stories date back to even the mythological era of the Mahabharata!


The city of Delhi has some of the most ancient and loved monuments that make India famous worldwide. There are many tourists coming each year to the city and they also take subsequent Agra Mathura Vrindavan Tour By Bus, from Delhi. But, why all this craze? Yes, the stories also entice many tourists to love this place more and more.


So, how Delhi got its name?


  1. Indraprastha- Given by Pandavas


According to the Mahabharata, Dhritarashtra passed on an island to his nephews, the Pandavas, who later on planned build a very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing castle in the city. After the completion, they named it Indraprastha. It is believed that the Purana Qila in Delhi, was their palace.


Lalkot- Given by Prithviraj Chauhan


Prithviraj Chauhan extended Lalkot to protect the city against Muhammad of Ghor’s repeated attacks. Post this, the city became famous as Qile Rai Pithora and at the present, it is Mehrauli.


Jahanpanah – After Muhammad bin Tughlaq


The name Jahapannah actually belongs to a portion that lied between Siri & Qil Rai Pithora during the year 1325. The meaning of the name is refugee of the world. Muhammad bin Tughluq built The Jahanpanah Fort, that  is till date a famous place.


Ferozabad- Given by Firoz Shah Tughlaq


Firoz Shah Tughlaq  built Ferozabad in 1345 AD. Currently, it is famously known as Feroz Shah Kotla, where one of the cricket stadiums in India stands. Earlier it was used as a palace with many mosques surrounding it.


Dinpanah- Given by Humayun


Mughal Emperor Humayun built Dinpanah as a big and beautiful fort that is standing fine today and is a major attraction too.

Shahjanabad – Given by Shah Jahan


The most popular Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, built the Shahjanabad that later came to be known as Delhi. It also had the Lal Qila or the Red Fort, that we know of today!


Delhi or the New Delhi – Given by Lutyens


During the British empire in India from 1857 to 1947, British architect Edwin Lutyens changed the name of the city to Delhi.


Not just one of the highly flourishing cities in India, Delhi is a place where you can find a lot of forts and monuments that will make your inner traveler happy! You must book for a Delhi Jaipur One Day Tour Package to experience the rich cultural and architectural heritage that Delhi has to offer!


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