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All Tickets will be arranged by guides. Tickets payment will be made to guide.

Volvo Bus is your highly Comfortable with Great Suspension exported from Sweden Country. It is rear Engine bus which doesn't have cabin. All Volvo Buses are AC Buses only with No Glass opening. Music, Movies in LCD installed. A Premium Class Coach with a Luxury Ride. However, Tata AC Buses are build up by the owner they can modify as they want but if we come into the segment of suspension then Volvo is much better then Normal Tata AC coaches. Hi-Tech AC buses are also known as Tata AC Coaches or Ac Deluxe Buses.

In this case, if any road is blocked by police or any Govt. official has closed that road due to some V.I.P's Entry or Marathon etc. then there is no alternative and that place will be skipped because company can't go against the Govt. or Govt. officials and this can occur when you in the tour also. In this case No Refund will be made and No alternative place will be visited.

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